Annual Church Meeting 2020 

Please find below all the information from our APCM held on Zoom on 19th October 2020

This meeting was originally scheduled to take place on Sunday 25th April but was postponed when lockdown restrictions came into effect. The Church of England extended the deadline for Annual Meetings to 31st October and agreed that these could be held online where it was not possible to have all members of the Electoral Roll physically together. 

Minutes of last year’s meetings

The Minutes of the meeting held in 2019 were approved by the meeting.  They can be viewed here.

Electoral Roll
In 2019, the Electoral Roll – of which people must be a member to stand for or vote in church leadership elections – was completely wiped and renewed. This is something that happens in the Church of England every 6 years. The new roll stood at 354.

A revision of the Electoral Roll took place between 23rd February and 5th April 2020. When the APCM scheduled for April 25th was cancelled, applications to the Roll were re-opened, closing on 1st October 2020.

Since the last APCM, 22 names have been added to the Roll and 13 removed. The revised roll therefore stands at 363.

We strongly encourage members of the church family who are not yet on the Electoral Roll to register, and this can be done by collecting a form at the InfoHub or online here

Election of Church Wardens
Catherine Simmonds was nominated by Caroline Buckland and Neil Buckland.  Graham Stuart was nominated by Paddy Sykes and Simon Hygate.  They were elected to serve as Church Wardens for the coming year. 
Elections to the PCC 
There were 4 places available for election at the meeting.  4 people were elected as follows:
Nomination Proposer Seconder
Rachel Ambler Catherine Simmonds    Caroline Buckland
Hannah Gibney Julia Loveless Sophie Brown
Susannah Mason Amy Silcock Jenn Ellis
Dave Vernon Graham Stuart Richard Hill

Elections to the Deanery Synod

Deanery Synod elections are held every three years.  There were 5 places available for election at the meeting.  2 people were elected as follows:

Nomination Proposer Seconder
Cluff Noon Chris Saunders    Oni Milne
Sara Wadsworth Val Moore Di Noon

Finance Report
David Newton, PCC Treasurer, presented the Finance Report on behalf of the Finance Team.  The Powerpoint sldes which Dave used are available here.
The PCC's Annual Report and Accounts for 2019, which were circulated prior to the meeting, are available here.

You can read more about our approach to giving here.
Audio Recording 

The full audio recording of the meeting, including Dave's finance presentation and Paul's talk can be heard here...

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