Prayer at Christ Church 


We long to be a church where prayer is a natural response to every circumstance of our lives.

As a prayerful community, we want to be affirmed, challenged, loved, forgiven, known, transformed, healed and stretched to new potential - all because we have a growing knowledge and experience of God's love for us in Jesus.

We have a weekly prayer prayer meeting at 9:00am each Saturday morning. This takes place in Jacob's Well, our prayer room which you can enter from the side of the church building (As you face the main entrance, go round to the right, to the furthest door you can find!)

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Jacob's Well

Our Prayer Room, Jacob's Well, has its own entrance round to the right hand side of the church, and it is available to be booked out via our online sign up sheet, or by phoning the church office. You can book out Jacob's Well to pray in whatever way you choose, and the room can be booked exclusively.

When you book your slot online you will receive an email with the keypad code so you can get into the room. You can find the door round to the right hand side of the church as you look at the main entrance - it is the furthest wooden door you get to. The inner door to the main section of the church will be locked when the prayer room is use.
The room is based around the themes we see in John Chapter 4 - The Woman at the Well.

Jesus answered her, "if you had only known and had recognised God’s gift and Who it is that is saying to you, give me a drink, you would have asked Him and He would have given you living water”

Please book your first slot straight away and make the most of this special place dedicated to prayer!