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Welcome to Christ Church Clifton

Growing the Kingdom

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Christ Church is a great place to be – we’re a very diverse group of people who have one thing in common: we’ve met an extravagantly generous God who loves us unconditionally.

In Jesus, he’s welcomed and accepted us, made us part of his world-wide family, is healing our brokenness and restoring in us what it means to be truly human.

He calls us to be as generous to one another and to our world as he has been to us. The bible calls this culture of generous welcome and unconditional love ‘The Kingdom of God.’

This Kingdom is a place where earth begins to look like heaven, and we want to play our part in seeing it grow in our own lives, in Clifton, Bristol and beyond.

We know it’s impossible to achieve this ourselves and so we seek partnership with others who also look for the coming of God’s Kingdom.

Above all, we continually pursue a deeper love for, intimacy with, and understanding of Jesus – believing that this is the key to unlocking what is impossible for us.  Read on to learn more about our vision, its outworking, and the priorities we believe God is setting before us over the next two years.

With so many different people making up our church family, and so many things going on, we’re confident there’s a place for everyone. Please come along and see for yourself - details of upcoming events can be found on our online calendar or at the InfoHub in church, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please do ask.

We look forward to welcoming you whenever you visit. 
Paul Sig
Paul Langham (Vicar)