Hi everyone, we are so excited for that is going on with students this year! Events will be starting up over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements!
There are 3 main ways you can interact with Christ Church Clifton as a student this year: small groups, monthly gatherings and Sunday gatherings!
1. We are running student small groups in person this year! These are spaces where you can meet as a group of 6 to learn and share together about the person of Jesus. Each group meets weekly and is designed to meet in a Covid-safe environment. They have a mix of people from various courses and age groups and are a great way to get to know other students in the church family. Throughout the year, small groups will also host social events together- fun times ahead! 

2. Every month we are hosting a whole student community gathering in the church building. This will be an evening of prayer, worship and fellowship to meet Jesus as an entire student community. All the small groups will come together to meet and worship as one. See future information for signups below 

3. We have made special provision for students in the 6pm gathering. 6 seats are reserved each week for students (both new and old) to come along. This is a great way to get a feel for the church as a new student- we’d love to meet you in person and give a flavour of what worship looks like at Christ Church Clifton. Sign up on the gathering website to book your place! 
If you don’t fancy the 6, why not try the Facebook livestream at 11am? It is also great way to engage with the church, if you would like someone to come and watch with you then get in touch.
If you are a student that is new to Christ Church, we’d love to meet you. Please find us at the email address if you want to get connected or find out more. We’d love to connect with you over coffee and meet up in person!
Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram about future events to stay in the loop!
Jake, Hannah and Anna

Sign up to the monthly student community gatherings below 

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