Seniors' ministry 

Celebrating Joy's 100th birthday, Feb 2016

Led by Nelly Davis, Christ Church is developing the work among the many senior and recently retired members of our community.  The vision is to encourage the seniors 'to be strong in the Lord' while they face the many challenges of this last phase in their lives, so being witnesses of God's grace and presence in their communities.

We encourage younger members of the church family to get alongside the more senior members. We have a group of visitors who visit and befriend people at home, and enjoy friendship in return, our senior members are a true inspiration to us.  We also take Holy Communion to the housebound on a monthly basis.  It is very moving to experience the presence of the Lord and to realise the church is not the building but people meeting in His name.


Are you 60 years or over?
Then you could get involved in different ways;

A group of us meet fortnightly on a Monday morning in Emmanuel Court, Clifton, to listen to and be challenged by Christian speakers.  The alternative Mondays we meet as a home group in Guardian Court, Clifton, for bible study and prayer.  We enjoy friendship and seek to support each other. We would love more seniors to join us.
A group of about 40 members who come from all parts of the community meets each week from 10am until 2.45pm downstairs in the church, enjoying friendship, a variety of activities, a home cooked lunch, speakers and other entertainment. 

If you are unable to attend the Gatherings on Sunday, we have a short reflective midweek Gathering in church, from 11:00am to 11:45am every Wednesday.  Occasionally we follow up the Gathering with a light buffet lunch!  People of all ages are welcome.  
Senior members from our services and from the Community Centre meet once a month for Sunday lunch downstairs in the church, from 12.45pm - 2.30pm.


Have you a heart for seniors and vision to develop the support network for them?  Please email Nelly Davis or call her on 01275 392050.  

Pre-school singing happy birthday