PCC Group 2016

What is the PCC?

The primary purrpose of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is to discern, under God, Christ Church’s strategic vision and direction, but the PCC also has a number of legal responsibilities with regard to our buildings, finances, paid staff and legal compliance. As such, PCC members are considered ‘trustees’ by the Charity Commission.  The PCC meets eight times each year.

PCC Members 2016-17

The PCC is made up of Clergy, Church Wardens, members of the Deanery Synod and a number of elected members.  PCC members are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) each April.   To stand for the PCC you must be 16 or over and on the church Electoral Roll.  PCC members are elected for a three year term.  Some church staff also attend PCC meetings but cannot vote.
Helen   Erica
Helen Albon   Rev Erica Bebb
Elected member   Clergy
Brendan   Patrick
Brendan Biggs   Patrick Bolster
Diocesan Synod   PCC Treasurer
Alex   David
Alexandra Creavin     David Daniels  
Elected member   Elected member
Alice   Martin
Alice Denyer   Martin Freye
Elected member   Deanery Synod
No Photo icon   Melanie
Rev Jill Garfitt   Mel Griffiths
Clergy   Deanery Synod
Derek   Rosemarie
Derek Hadden   Rosemarie Hall
Church Warden   PCC Secretary
Paul   Janet
Rev Paul Langham   Rev Janet Lee
PCC Chair   Clergy
Sian   Andy Mac
Sian Lowe   Andrew Macpherson
Church Warden   Elected member
Tim   Val
Rev Tim Meathrel   Val Moore
Clergy   Deanery Synod
Di   Mark O
Di Noon   Mark Orriss
Elected member   Elected member
Mark   Catherine
Mark Parsons   Catherine Simmonds
Operations Manager   Elected member
Peter   Graham
Peter Smithson   Graham Stuart
Elected member   Elected member
David T   Sara
David Troughton   Sara Wadsworth
Elected member   Deanery Synod