How are you all doing? So long since we were together as the church family in the Christ Church building! But God can fill us and our homes with His Holy Spirit and His joy and I pray that you would experience His joy as we worship together(while being apart) this Sunday!

This is week 7 of our Faith in Kids series ; We need Jesus. Today our session is called We need a friend and the Bible story is  found in  Matthew 9 v. 9-13

Resources to gather before hand :

  • Cutlery and stuff to set two dinner places!
  • paper and pens
  • scissors
  • card/strong paper
  • loo roll/kitchen roll tube
  • Make two large heart shapes and cut them out ready
  • older kids only : is there an old plate you can write on? do you have sharpie pens? No worries if not, but a cool idea for a craft if you do!

Here's the link to the resources and video for today -


and a good worship song - i think the younger children will especially enjoy this -it's a medley of three songs about Jesus loving children -its quite sweet especially with the photos!

Worship Song - Jesus Love the little children

and another : The Jesus Song - this is a new one from the same people who make the 'Hey Ho' cartoons! I think they'll like it -very good to clap and dance along !

 Let me know how you're finding/enjoying this series! :-) And do send pictures for us to share on Sundays, if you like !

Have a great rest of the week!
love and blessings

Kids Pastor 




Nick Carter, 15/06/2020