Kids' Church @ Home (4)
Sunday 24TH MAY 2020 

For our activities this week you will need the following:

  • a bowl of water (something to be a lake)
  • a clean margarine tub or a sponge scourer/something to be a boat
  • dried pasta pieces or figures to be disciples

For the craft activity:

  • in addition to above, a lolly stick or straight twig
  • duct tape or similar, scissors

We are on Week 4 of our theme 'We need Jesus'.
This week is called:  We need to be safe & includes the story from Matthew 8:23–27. 

Here's the link to the excellent Faith in Kids material:

Song With Jesus in the boat you can smile at the storm

Song My God is so big

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend - and look out for pictures on Sunday morning - thank you to those who sent some in!

Love and blessings,

Kids Pastor