Kids' Church @ Home (4)
SUNDAY 10th MAY 2020 

Following on from last week, here comes part 2 of 'WE NEED JESUS !' 


and here are some songs to help you worship together :(should give you the work-out you missed from Joe Wicks today !! )

Song My God is so big and so strong
Credit: Song: Christmas With a Capital "C", Artist: Go Fish

Song Let it Shine
Credit: This Little Light Of Mine from the DVD "Let It Shine!" Buy our DVD's at

BIG Thanks to those who have sent feedback - always happy to receive any feedback - good or bad :-)

Also, loving seeing the few photos coming our way, so if you take pictures or videos of  your  child worshipping, or doing their art work etc, please do share (and let me know if you are happy for them to be shared during our LIvestream on a Sunday morning!)

Finally i really hope you are doing OK...? I know this Lockdown thing is very hard especially for families with younger children... Please know we are praying for you and if you have any specific requests PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Also, if you'd value  a chat (by phone or face time), also let me know...I have time to listen...:-) 

blessings & love

Nick Carter, 08/05/2020