Kids' Church @ Home (4)

This week's Kids Church @ Home is going to be a bit  different, and I'd REALLY like to know what you think...

As I've been thinking and praying about the themes/curriculum for  this new term and this season, I've been asking myself what would most help the children in building up their faith, both for now and as they grow up.

Usually by now we already have the curriculum chosen, with the themes/bible stories etc, and we mostly use resources found on a website called Energize,

But I also subscribe to Faith in Kids (Big Church Day Out people) and they have made available resources to be used at home for Sunday Kids' Church. Some of you might be familiar with this organisation?

 So today, I'm attaching a PDF for both older and younger children , called WE NEED JESUS. In many ways it is very similar to what we have been offering, only probably laid out more professionally!

There don't appear to be music videos for worship with it, but you could use a selection from the past few weeks. 

So, do use this resource and DO PLEASE let me know what you think and what you prefer - do your children engage with it well? How user- friendly it is for parents to use with children? Have they learnt something? Is anything missing that you'd like to see? Any other comments at all.....

This is just an experiment for this week! So no worries if it it's not quite the thing! But it may well be....

Here it is - Kids Church @ Home we_need_jesus_3 May 2020.pdf 

Nick Carter, 08/05/2020