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Welcome Back to Kids' Church
@ Home - THIS IS HOLY Week

I hope you have been able to access all the resources I've been sending, and that video/song links have been working...?

On Resurrection Sunday, we will attempt all ages together for our live Gathering online at 11am ! This will include a fun Kids' spot from me, so do ensure your children can see the screen :-) 

The resources I'm including with this today are for GOOD FRIDAY...
Im sending them today so that, parentsyou might have a quick check to make sure all the links work...

The story will be told in 3 parts.

- There is one activity you might do after each part of the story (read by David Suchet) and a colouring page you could print out BEFORE Friday and colour in together...

actually the first part of the story would work for Thursday, as it tells of Jesus washing his disciples' feet at the Last Supper, so you might like to do that on Thursday evening instead.

The last activity shown is for Easter Day, in case you'd like a little extra thing for your children - it includes a link to a video ; how to make an Easter Garden; which is something we used to do as children! Maybe some of you did too.....?

Finally , we LOVE to see your pictures! Do take photos of your children's creations, or of them dancing or anything else (and let me know if the pictures are allowed to be shared on our church private Facebook account)

Here's the link for Thursday/Friday :

Good Friday Kids Church.docx
Every blessing dear Christ Church families - I think Holy Week and Good Friday takes on a whole new poignancy this year...

With the assurance of my love & prayers

Ruthy Lillington |  Children's Pastor

Nick Carter, 09/04/2020