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welcome to kids' church
@ home - 
week 2   

 HOW ARE YOU DOING in these rather surreal days of Lockdown? Do let us as a staff team know how we can support/pray for you...

So,I  hope you enjoyed last week's Kids Church @ Home?
On our original plan for this term, our story this coming Sunday was  Jesus sharing the last Supper with His friends, and we were to have shared communion together with the Children too.
So I invite you to do this in a simple way at home.
[IN addition, our Livestream main 'gathering' are also planning to share communion with you all. So there should be potentially 2 ways for this to work in your household.]
For the story/communion, you will need: a piece of bread a glass of something to represent the wine (could be juice, red tea or even water –whatever you have available!). Maybe a lighted/battery-operated candle Worship – you have the 2 songs from last week's email, Plus here are a couple more; The first is a slightly light-hearted one to burn off some energy.
Fast upbeat/high energy song that reminds us we are part of one big family – Father Abraham Credit to Bible Songs for Kids

Then a reflective one (with a few graphic images -Parents, you might want to check it first....) this is tied in with our story today. Communion - by Third Day

Passover Quiz – bit of fun for older children! And a reminder for the grown-ups too!
After you read each question you all need to run to the side of the room that you've chosen as the correct answer – if they think it is true they run one side, if they think it is false they run to the other.
After each question come back to the middle of the room and share the right answer before going on to the next question. Explain the true answer to the false questions so that the children remember the story.

The Passover was a special feast to celebrate harvest. (F)
Jews still celebrate the Passover today. (T)
The first Passover took place in Egypt. (T)
Before the first Passover God gave the Jews a lot of instructions to follow. (T)
The Jews wanted to escape from Egypt but Pharaoh wouldn't let them go. (T)
The last plague was that the eldest girl in each house died. (F)
In houses with blood on the doorway, no one was killed. (T)
After the angel of death killed the eldest son in each Egyptian house, Pharaoh said the Jews could leave. (T)
The Jews took a day or so to pack all their things up. (F)
The Jews were glad to escape from Egypt (T  ... sometimes!)
Jews celebrate the Passover to remember how God got them out of Egypt. (T)
Say that Passover was – and still is – the most important week of the Jewish year. It was important to Jesus to celebrate it with his disciples. And it points to the great RESCUE that is Jesus .....
The Point:
To remind the children what Passover was about, which will help them understand today's Bible story.
Here is a Youtube video of me reading a simple version of the Last Supper. This is when you'll need to get round your table with your bread and 'wine'. Its aimed at the younger children but view it /use if if you like.
Last Supper - Ruthy Lillington

OR - another way of doing the story with interactive questions/reflections -choose which you think would be better for your child....
The Story
Invite your child/ren to make themselves comfortable. If you have bean bags or cushions allow them to lay on these. They can close their eyes if they want to. Give each child a piece of paper and a pen so that they can doodle or draw pictures if it will help them to concentrate.  Explain that the questions are for them to think about.Play music softly (here's a suggestion) as you tell the story, reading slowly.
King of my heart 
Credit to Bethel music - King Of My Heart (Live) from the album “Starlight (Live)” & Lyrics To Praise  Download itunes & Stream Spotify

Jesus and his disciples met together in an upper room to share the Passover meal together.
This was going to be the last time they all ate a meal together.
How do you think Jesus felt knowing this?
The Passover was a special celebration, celebrating God helping the Jews to escape from Egypt hundreds of years ago. The disciples and Jesus drank the wine and ate the lamb together. Then Jesus looked up and said,
"One of you is going to betray me."
How do you think the Disciples felt when Jesus said that?
As the meal ended Jesus stood up add picked up a piece of bread. He broke it and shared it out between the disciples. "This is my body," he said. "Eat it to remember me."  THIS IS WHERE YOU GET TO SHARE YOUR BREAD>>>>

Then he picked up a cup of wine. "This wine is my blood, which is going to be spilled for the sins of the world. I shall not drink wine again until I do so in the Kingdom of God." The disciples all drank some of the wine together. 
What do you think Jesus meant when he said that the bread and wine were his body and blood?
pause or quieten the music and ask the children to sit up. Ask them why they think Jesus wanted them to remember him? What was Jesus going to do and why was it important?
If it is appropriate and you have time, you could briefly explain that Jesus was going to sacrifice his body and blood to take the punishment for the things that we do wrong.
Prayers - Can you turn your thoughts to prayer -for each other, the Church, your neighbours, the world... maybe have a small stone or cross or other object to hold when you pray, then pass it to the next person...
For a craft, they could try making a silver cup and plate out of tin foil, or plasticine (or similar) or get a colouring sheet off the internet showing a cup of wine/grapes and bread.

Remember I'd love to see any pictures or videos of your time together. And if any pictures can be shared on the church's private Facebook page please let me know.

Here's a key verse for today :
"During the meal Jesus took some bread in his hands. He blessed the bread and broke it. Then he gave it to his disciples and said, "Take this. It is my body."" Mark 14:22b
Next Sunday is Palm Sunday - look out for week 3's Kids Church @ Home message.

Until then, God bless you all, take care of each other and your neighbours, and remember God loves you SO SO much !!

with my love and blessings too :-)

Ruthy Lillington |  Children's Pastor